Deleting content type…

Posted by Kasi Krishnamoorthy at 7/08/2009 10:30:00 AM

In SharePoint 3.0, Can you delete a content type, if it is being used in other site or list ? No, you cannot. We know that we can create a content type based on other content type and each content type contains reference to the content type on which it is based on. SharePoint checks that before deleting a content type whether it is being used somewhere as a base of content type. You have to remove first the content type from all lists and sites that are using it.   But, the good thing is , WSS won’t consider the items ( that are using the deleted content type) in the recycle bin. So when you try to restore the list item after their content type has been deleted, the list items are assigned to default content type ( instead of giving strange error like “content type not found”.)